back in BC

Byblos denim onesie, Emilio Pucci shoes 

Surprise! I'm back in Victoria. The city has undergone many changes in the nearly 2 years spent away: mall complexes have been built, favourite restaurants have expanded, favourite shops have renovated and revamped their interiors. It's a strange sensation to come back to your home city and suddenly feel "foreign", but it is exciting to rediscover the area and to try to remember to speak English to everyone when out and about. Yesterday evening I had to fight the now-reflex of ordering our sushi dinner in Italian. Baby steps.

I wanted to channel a kind of Lana del Rey (outfit - not hair or makeup) vibe and this Byblos onesie (vintage from Italy) with it's Harley Davidson-esq motifs and "live free, ride free, etc" written all over it seemed fitting with a pair of girly pumps. All I need now is a palm tree and a grungy motel pinball machine.

Photos taken by Emiliano Sune

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