MARNI shoe factory

 This gentleman, who works as a pattern maker/design interpreter, toured us through the factory.

Genuine (i.e. not printed onto normal leather) snake skin.

A few months ago I had the exciting opportunity to tour the Marni shoe factory, located just outside Milan. It is a magical place. A team of between 10-15 people, all super enthusiastic about their work, hand-make each shoe. I have never seen a more tidy and happy factory in all my life. We got to walk through all the stages a Marni shoe goes through from sewing, lasting, soling, all the way to ironing and buffing with a crisp packaging stage at the end. Glorious.

We of course were not permitted to take any photos of the assembly of the collection (confidential), but we were allowed to snap some in the leather room: rows upon rows of sumptuous Italian leather - all with delightful Marni paper tickets. An awe-inspiring day. 

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