when it's cold out

 Photos by myself and Emiliano Sune

1. ferry from Genova to Sardegna
2. overlooking Maria Pia beach
3. overlooking Maria Pia beach
4. spiaggia Argentiera - silver beach. SPF/UPF hat, Eres top, Pucci bottom
5. the open Mediterranean Sea
6. the open Mediterranean Sea
7. dream waterfront house in old town Alghero on "lungo mare" strip
8. ancient Roman town Tharros: ruins all the way into the sea buried under water
9. more Tharros
10. Sella & Mosca winery tour
11. Grotte di Nettuno - Caves of Neptune
12. boat shuttle to the Grotte
13. view of Alghero's seawall and old town
14. Stintino beach - Lenny swimsuit
15. Stintino beach
16. Stintino beach
17. Stintino beach
18. waves and sun
19. fresh organic figs from the tree
20. sunrise heading back to Genova port

Around this time of year the novelty of colder weather begins to slowly wear off. Looking through pictures of this past summer holiday in Sardegna and feeling very grateful for the time spent in that warm swimming water...

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